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Woolaston Under 5s was set up nearly 40 years ago to serve the local children. Since then we have seen it move from the village hall to the village of Alvington and then onto its current and permanent site next to Woolaston Primary School . We are now proud to be the recipients of a state of the art new "surestart" building which has been designed for specific use as a playgroup. 


The building is open plan with easy access to the outside area, which is also spacious. We are fortunate enough to have a sensory room which houses our magnificent sensory machine. This room is designated as a quiet area with comfy beanbags and a selection of books and games. It provides a quiet and restful area for those times when the children need it. This is also the residence of our friendly african giant land snails called Tractor Boy and Slimey. 


The garden is extensive and is made up of both a grass and tarmac area. The children have free access to a diverse range of toys including, ride-ons, sand and water play.