Your child is our priority

Our aims and objectives for your child are in accordance with the criteria set
by the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is the period of education between
three and five years of age. It begins in preschool and finishes at the end of
the reception year. Following the set guidelines, your child will learn to:-


  • Trust new adults and accept new situations
  • Experiment with all sorts of materials and activities
  • Express themselves in many different ways
  • Develop their language skills.
  • Work things out for themselves
  • Share and play with other children.

All children are encouraged to explore and learn from different materials; such as water, sand, paint, glue and dough. Opportunities to learn through music, song time, story time and books are available daily. Outdoor play is actively encouraged since we believe that a large amount of children's learning takes place in the outdoor environment.


We operate a free flow system and therefore all children should be adequately clothed and equipped for all weathers. Much of our approach to learning is based on High Scope in that the children are free to choose and plan their activies allowing them independence over their learning.



Would you like to learn more about our approach?

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